Anyone can help with a ScholarShare 529

Who can open an account?

  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Family members
  • Family friends
  • You
  • Financial professionals
  • Anyone with a valid Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Entity (e.g., a scholarship fund)

Which students can benefit from an account?

  • Children
  • Grandchildren
  • Other family members
  • Family friends
  • Yourself
  • Anyone with a valid Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number

Who can contribute to an account?

Anyone, really, including:

  • Grandparents
  • Family
  • Students
  • Employers
  • Financial professionals
  • Trusts and estates

Not only can anyone open a ScholarShare 529 account for someone they care about, but it also only takes about 15 minutes and no minimum contribution to get started!


Your ScholarShare 529 makes it easy for anyone to make contributions to your child’s education. From grandparents to other family members to friends and more, everyone can help turn college dreams into a reality.

Contributions for any occasion can be easily made and managed through our secure online gifting platform, Ugift®. Gifts can also be made by mail with a check.

Gift an account

Literally anyone with a valid Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number can open a ScholarShare 529 on behalf of an eligible beneficiary. The plan can also provide federal estate tax benefits for legacy and estate planning.

Learn more about gifting and its benefits

Even employers can contribute!

Ask your employer about Workplace 529, or click the link below for more details.

Workplace 529

More to explore

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Ready to get started?

Relevant FAQs

ScholarShare 529 provides a unique set of benefits that can mean more flexibility and growth potential, including:

  • Tax-free qualified withdrawals
  • Low fees and expenses
  • Smart and easy to choose investment options
  • Favorable financial aid treatment
  • Use for a wide range of education expenses and programs—in California and around the world

Get more details and compare savings options.

Contributing to an existing ScholarShare 529 account is easy and secure with our online Ugift® platform. Gift contributions can also be made by check and mailed in. Check with your tax advisor.

For the tax year 20232024:

  • There’s no federal gift tax on contributions you make up to $17,000$18,000 per year if you’re a single filer or $34,000$36,000 if you’re a married couple.
  • You can also accelerate your gifting with a lump-sum gift of $85,000$90,000 if you’re a single filer or $170,000$180,000 if you’re married and prorate the gift over five years per the federal gift tax exclusion.
  • You can gift this amount to as many individuals or beneficiaries as you like, free from income tax.

Consult your tax advisor for more details. Learn more about gifting.