ScholarShare 529 College Savings Plan

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Help your employees save thousands of dollars in taxes on their college savings. No cost to you / Easy to set up

More parents than ever are trying to save for their child's higher education. But sadly, only 1 in 4 are taking advantage of tax benefits that can be worth thousands of dollars.

You can help

By offering a payroll direct deposit for ScholarShare 529 you are giving your employees access to unsurpassed tax benefits for California families savings for college.

This program is available at NO COST to employers and is exceptionally easy to set up.

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About Scholarshare 529

Our unsurpassed tax benefits allow your employees' college savings to grow tax-free. That can mean thousands of dollars extra when their child needs it.

In taxable accounts, up to 33% of your growth can be lost to taxes. Growth for ScholarShare is 100% tax-free – the maximum tax benefit available to California families.1

Sources: *Trillion dollar college savings level based on Strategic Insights data, Attitudes towards college savings based on ScholarShare Emotions In College Savings Study, Spring 2016.

1Assumes the maximum federal tax capital gains tax rate of 20% and the maximum CA marginal tax rate of 13%