"Top three regrets? Quitting piano
lessons, not eating dessert first, and
waiting to open ScholarShare 529
accounts for my kids.


Quit dilly dallying and get that
529 account started."

Image of Garianne, current 529 account holder, with her two children.

South Pasadena, CA
Mother of UC Santa Cruz freshman
and UC Santa Barbara grad

Begin Right Here. Right Now.

It’s tough to save for college when you’re already paying mortgage or rent, child care, insurance—and perhaps a student loan of your own. Don’t let that paralyze you into doing nothing.

  • Start now and finish when you have time.
  • Decide how much to contribute later—there's no minimum contribution required.
  • The sooner you start, the more money you stash for college.
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You’ll eventually need your beneficiary’s social security number and your bank information, but don’t let that keep you from beginning.

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If you need help, call 1-800-544-5248.

Tax-Free Growth

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Your college savings grow
100% free from
state and
federal tax.
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Plus, you don't pay tax for
qualified expenses.


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Smart Investments

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Strategies to support
your college saving goals
and timeline.
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Invest without extra work
on your part.


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A college savings plan

for whatever adventure

your kid chooses.
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Built to adapt to your

educational goals.


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Low Fees

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Less than half the

average expenses of

other 529 plans.
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No application or change-of-

beneficiary fees or commissions.

*Source: ISS Market Intelligence 529 College Savings Fee Analysis Q2 2022. ScholarShare 529's average annual asset-based fees are 0.22% for all portfolios compared to 0.52% for all 529 plans.

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A Plan for Everyone


Get real answers to your concerns about saving for college.

Grandparents, Family & Friends

There are a few simple steps you can take to help plan for your loved one’s future.


There are so many ways ScholarShare can help you reach your college dreams.

Employers & Financial Professionals

Helping your employees and clients save for college helps you too.

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