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First Steps

Make the Most of
Your Baby Registry

7 tips to make your registry worth
the time and effort.

First Steps

Make the Most of Your Baby Registry

7 tips to make your registry worth the time and effort.

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Making a list of the gifts you would like to receive is a favor to those who love you and want to give gear for your new baby. Use these tips to make the most of your baby registry checklist.

1. Do the product research.

Creating your baby registry is a great excuse to research baby products and decide what fits your parenting style. Take time to ask experienced parents what they loved and what they didn’t. A well-thought-out registry means fewer returns and more gifts you sincerely love. Even if you don’t receive a single gift from your registry, having done the research will make shopping easier.

2. Focus on what you need.

New parents might be tempted to go crazy with the scanner and add everything cute and interesting to their registry items for the new baby. But, that’s not a good tactic for making the most out of your baby registry. Be intentional about the baby stuff you choose. Ask yourself, "Would I spend my own money on this?" If the answer is no, then put it down and back away from the scanner.

Also, spend your gift cards like they are hard-earned cash. If you do, you'll have money left to buy all the essentials on your own.

Don’t forget goodies like diapers, wipes, burp cloths, bibs, washcloths, and other basics. People love to give diapers and new moms love to receive them. While not a very original gift, they’re one of the most useful. Also, having the basics on your registry reminds people that simple, useful gifts are appreciated.

3. Don’t register for clothes.

You will get clothes whether you register for them or not. People will get excited at the idea of your baby dressed in something they bought, like an adorable onesie. In addition to that, different store locations may have different clothing inventories, making it difficult for friends or family to find the exact item you’re looking for. Finding baby clothes from your registry can be very frustrating for both you and your friends and family.

4. Register for items within a wide price range.

It’s great to have a few big-ticket items on your wish list in case your friends from work want to go in on a gift together or grandma wants to get something extra special (e.g., stroller, car seat, bassinet, high chair, glider). But, the bulk of your items should be at a lower price range. Having lower-priced baby items allows people to shop within their budget (e.g., diaper bag, nursing pillow, pacifiers, sippy cups). People who want to spend more can buy multiple items or put together a “welcome baby” gift box.

5. Keep it simple.

Lots of retailers have baby registries and each store has different perks or bonuses for registering with them (e.g., Amazon, Target, Walmart). Learn about these programs before you decide where to register. For example, some major retailers give 10% off purchases made from your registry, even purchases you make yourself. Some provide a completion discount if you buy everything on your list. Others give a 15% off completion coupon so you can buy what’s left on your registry—another great reason to list basics like diapers on your baby registry must-haves. While every store has its own perks, registering at only one or two stores will keep it simple for both you and your baby shower attendees.

6. Allow group gifts or cash funds.

Select stores allow for group gifting, so several people can contribute whatever they want toward one big-ticket item (e.g., bouncer, baby carrier, baby swing, infant car seat). Similarly, some sites offer cash funds, which allow friends and family to choose the amount they want to give toward, say, a college fund or pricey item. In both cases, you get what you want and loved ones get to contribute without overspending.

7. Let friends and family contribute to baby’s college fund.

ScholarShare 529 gives you a way to let friends and family give a gift that grows with your little one. Instead of the usual gift items, they may contribute to baby’s ScholarShare 529 college savings account via Ugift. You can share your Ugift code via email, Facebook, Twitter, or printed party invitation inclusions. Another option for sharing is to print the Ugift gifter coupon and mail it. Remember: it’s never too early to start saving for college.


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