Enrollment Year Investment Portfolios—
our most popular investment option.

Enrollment Year Investment Portfolios are a set of portfolios whose asset allocation adjusts automatically as your kid’s enrollment year approaches. Portfolios indicate the year they are likely to need their college savings. Available in active and passive investment strategies, choose one that fits your goals, risk tolerance and savings time horizon.

This chart depicts the potential value of $1 in 18 years for a taxable account ($2.59) compared to a ScholarShare 529 account ($3.38).

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Guaranteed Investment Portfolios

if your kid is nearing college or you want to minimize risk. Guaranteed Investment Portfolios

Custom Built Portfolios

if you want to select from an array of investment choices. Custom Built Portfolios

With ScholarShare 529, you get tax-free growth, low fees, and smart investments from a flexible college savings plan.

Getting Started is Easy...

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Learn About the Plan

Find out about the plan benefits, how it works, the tax advantages, and how the funds can be used.

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Research Investments

Choose investment portfolios that fit your life-stage and goals, including age-based options.

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Open an Account

Open your ScholarShare 529 account today and start out on the path to saving for college.

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