ScholarShare 529

Exciting Enhancements Are Here!

On January 27, ScholarShare 529 launched enhancements to the ScholarShare 529 Investment Options and completed a transition to a new administration platform.


If you opened an account prior to January 27, 2020, and you have not done so already, you must re-establish your online access by clicking here.

ScholarShare 529 account owner information, including historical information, account preferences and investment selections automatically transitioned to the new platform. As a result, ScholarShare 529 account numbers have changed. Rather than different account numbers for each beneficiary, your new account number is a 9-digit string of numbers (your master account number) followed by a 2-digit extension distinguishing each of your beneficiaries. If you have only one beneficiary the extension is 01, for multiple beneficiaries 02, 03, etc. Be sure to login above to re-establish your login credentials. You may use either your new 11-digit account number (9-digit master + 2-digit extension) or your old account number.

For details about the enhancements, please click on the Transition Guide below. A full Plan Description which is effective January 27, 2020 can also be accessed below.

Because your ScholarShare 529 account number changed and the ScholarShare 529 Plan’s banking routing information changed with the transition to the new administrative platform, any direct deposit contributions submitted by employers after January 23 will be rejected and returned unless direct deposit contributions are re-established. If you currently contribute to your account through payroll direct deposit, you should have received a letter containing instructions to update your payroll instructions. If you did not receive this letter, please contact us at 1-800-544-5248.

Please note: For those who currently utilize Quicken download, this service will no longer be supported. There are several aggregators on the market that might be a suitable alternative is desired. In addition, we encourage you to set up online credentials with the Plan for easy access to account information.