ScholarShare 529 College Savings Plan

A Plan for Everyone:

When saving for your child’s college is as convenient and automatic as taking your retirement or healthcare deductions, saving is a lot easier.

You’re busy enough. Just getting the kids out the door in the morning is a monumental task. Saving for college shouldn’t be even more work. With the ScholarShare College Savings Plan, you can contribute to your child’s college savings account without adding anything else to your ‘to do’ list.

Saving for College Has Never Been So Easy

With ScholarShare any earnings are tax deferred, so your account can grow faster. Since there’s no federal income tax when you make qualified withdrawals, you may have more to spend on education.

Once you set up the account, your employer can automatically deduct the contribution each pay period. With minimums as low as $15, saving doesn’t have to make a huge dent in your budget. And if you get that big raise, it’s simple to increase the deposit amount.

It’s a worry-free, simple, all-in-one option way to save big for higher education costs.

Ready to Open an Account?

Ask your employer if they support automatic payroll deduction for ScholarShare. Already have an account? If your employer supports ScholarShare, just download the direct deposit form to get set up automatic payroll deduction today.

Available Resources
Automatic Payroll Deduction Form
529 Enrollment Booklet
Open an Account
Automatic Payroll Deduction Form
529 Enrollment Booklet
Open an Account